If you don’t know your past you can’t understand the present and you can’t shape your future.

I feel that we have lost this sense of continuation. I certainly have through absence. Our oral traditions are all but dead and history seems to mean little or nothing to people anymore.

Everything today seems to be centred around the latest craze and the newest innovation. Maybe that is why I have had this sense of alienation.

Well, I am trying in my small way to counterbalance this and I am doing it in a tentative exploratory way through my art and reading.

Through art and the senses I can reveal what I see in the landscape. Whilst through literature I often find a justification for the things that I feel.

This is my personal voyage of discovery – to find my own acceptance and place in this land of ours. I hope you’ll join me.

Before I start I would like to acknowledge the work of Tim Shaw, Sculptor.
Tim created a sculptural installation for the Mediterranean biome of the Eden Project. It was this installation that inspired me to paint ‘After the Harvest’ and possibly even the journey that I am now undertaking. I wrote to him asking if it would be all right to put the work on my website and he has given me his approval, for which I am grateful.